How I Discovered Myself: Interview With Thelma Naa Lamiley Mills

It is the first edition of How I Discovered Myself and I get to interview Thelma Naa Lamiley Mills – The Exceptionally Beautiful C.E.O of Tee’s Hairline and Make Up Artistry.
Thelma is one of the few young women who are building and running some of the next great companies and, trust me, she’s got entrepreneurial blood running through her veins. There’s a lot to learn from her, and she will be sharing her discovery story with us. Let’s get it started already.

Racheal Wyettey: Hi! I know you are Thelma, but my readers may not know you. Can you please introduce yourself?

Thelma Mills: I am Thelma Naa Lamiley Mills, a Licensed Practice Nurse by Profession and an Entrepreneur.

Racheal Wyettey: Was nursing what you wanted to do way back in your early life? What made you chose nursing as a profession?

Thelma Mills: Yes! While growing up, I’ve had dreams of being in the health field, reaching out to the people who seek medical attention especially in the villages back in Africa (Ghana).This passion developed when I used to go on mission fields with my dad

This passion developed when I used to go on mission fields with my dad (Bishop Charles Nii Odartey Mills), my mom (Rev. Mrs. Sophia Mills), brother (Kelvin Nii Lantey Mills), Missionaries from the states and the entire church of Fellowship of Living Praise (Ghana & USA). I joined the team at age 14, moving from one village to the other, feeding the poor, clothing the needy & dressing the wounds of the people.

That’s where I would say my passion for nursing started from. It wasn’t an easy task as a young girl joining adults to move from one village to the other, bushy and wild part of these villages, yet still I had joy doing it anyways.

Later in secondary school (Accra Girls’ Senior High), I was elected as a Dispensary Prefect for my house (Aryee House) and I performed my duties. (Smiles)

After senior high school, I went to a nursing school in Tema (Narh-Bita Nursing College) to pursue a Clinical Course. So yeah, that’s basically what made me choose the nursing career. And I will like to use this platform to plead with everyone to reach out to our people in the villages – they need more help than we think – I thank God for their lives. Today because of them, I found my profession and thanks to my father for all his encouragement concerning my nursing career (He’s my Hero).

Racheal Wyettey: Wow! That’s amazing I must say. It’s not easy joining a team of older people to reach out to people and impact lives as a young girl. Are you still in the act of reaching out to and supporting the needy?

Thelma Mills: Yes, I still do that whiles I’m here in the states.

Racheal Wyettey: Congratulations on that, keep it up. How did you discover yourself as a makeup artiste?

Thelma Mills: One day, I made a list of things I like to do and am really good at. I determined products (or services) that would make my life happier, make me more productive, or simply give me more time. Then, I realized I value everything about beauty so I finalized and decided to start making people up.

I remember the first client I practiced on was a friend who was getting married and was disappointed by her make up artiste, there was no way out that early morning. I was in my room almost getting ready for the wedding when my mom came to my room to tell me there was a problem. “Irene’s make up artist didn’t show up and time is running. Can you make her up?” my mom asked softly and I was shocked. “Me? Really? I can’t ooo… A bride? Oh no! I don’t think so”. I replied and then my mom said, “Ah! But you are always making yourself up. Try it on her and let’s see, you’ll never know.” Well, I agreed and tried. It wasn’t easy but the end result came out well. Thanks to my mom. She cheers me on always.

Racheal Wyettey: Tell me about Tee’s Hairline and Make Up Artistry.

Thelma Mills: Alright. I added the Tee’s Hairline business to the make up business to make it complete. Today, I’m the CEO of Tee’s Hairline & Tee’s Make Up Artistry which by God’s grace is flourishing in so many states in the USA and outside USA including Canada, London and parts of West and South Africa. I’m excited and I always feel blessed owning Tee’s Hairline and Tee’s Make Up Artistry because I see them as an opportunity which has helped me to reach out to so many people with different lifestyles worldwide

Racheal Wyettey: I know you own Tee’s Hairline and Makeup Artistry but what makes you think you are an entrepreneur?

Thelma Mills: I’m very passionate about and dedicated to what I do. Mostly, my friends see me online on Whatsapp and they ask, “So you! Won’t you sleep?” “Well, I’m selling” I tell them. And because of the time difference, I sleep late at night. I’m always awake serving customers especially outside America. Then again, this isn’t easy but I try as much as I can to make my business grow and to build a rock-solid reputation, and I enjoy it anyways.

Racheal Wyettey: Considering how you discovered different parts of yourself at different points in life, would you say everyday is an opportunity for one to discover him/herself?

Thelma Mills: Yes of course everyday is an opportunity for one to discover him or herself. This is because we go through life constantly discovering more about the nature of it. We start seeing things from different perspective than before, learn, unlearn and learn again. We discover more about the things we like and sometimes we discover some things we were not looking for in the first place.

Racheal Wyettey: What advice would you give to the many young people out there who are yet to discover themselves?

Thelma Mills: Many things in our lives can be shaped by us alone and that’s one thing I have learnt. But first you must discover yourself, find out how to learn more about yourself and embrace as well as enhance your understanding.

Always discover yourself by discovering your passion, talent, uniqueness, stress factors and the realistic understanding of your ability.

Also discover the ones that truly matter to you especially people who motivate and inspire you, and also discover your vulnerabilities and insecurities.

Most importantly, seek God first in all your endeavors, ask him for directions and grace in abundance and you will see success right at your door step (Matthew 6:33 KJV – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you).

Racheal Wyettey: Well said dear. Thanks for sharing your discovery story, and for your time. It was great talking to you.

You can reach Thelma via:

Instagram: @beautiful_thelma
Facebook: Thelma Naa Lamiley Mills

You can also reach Tee’s Hairline and Make up Artistry on:
Facebook page: Tee’s Hairline
Instagram: @tees_hairline / @tees_makeup_artistry / @tees_cosmetics
Whatsapp: +1 908 627 6574

Feeling inspired? Or got any question for Thelma? Do share your comments.


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