Wake Up Miriam

Wake up, Miriam!
A new dawn is already here;
Whispering it’s another year
For You to let out a cheer.

Miriam, wake up!
It is time to cheer up:
Time to receive some accolades;
For you’re worthy of the crown.

The beauty of your soul is exceptional;
So much that it makes me emotional.
Your imperfections are captivating.
Your benevolence calms the roaring sea;
It extracts honey from the stingy bee.
Your ability to hold on
Makes your kind of strength rare.
Your intelligence blows my mind;
It is indeed a gift of a kind.
You make this world a better place.

Wake up, Miriam!
It is your birthday;
Your year of equilibrium.
I pray God’s divine ray,
Lightens up your walkway.

May you blossom
In every area of your life!
May your ashes blossom into beauty!
May your tears blossom into pearls!
May your defeats blossom into victories!
May your dreams blossom into realities!
May your impossibilities blossom into possibilities!
May your life blossom in God’s glory!


©Racheal Wyettey. All Rights Reserved.

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