I’m Waiting For You…

In my discomfort
You soothe me
In my moment of war
Your peace rains over me
When my bones are weak
You strengthen them with a touch
When the pain becomes unbearable
Your son relieves me of it
In my most burdened moment
I find rest in Your word

You are the healing power
Engraved in all healers
Sickness bows to you
Sorrows bow before you
Nothing ill can withstand You

That’s why
That’s why I’m here today
Not looking up to the hills
Because my help doesn’t come from there
My help comes from You
And You dwell in me
So I’m looking within me
Trusting the greater You in me
In need of Your word
In need of Your touch
For You’re the God
Who heals with just a word
And sustains with a touch

I’m waiting for You
For Your healing power
Even now
Do not allow ill health
To take the better part of me

©Racheal Wyettey. All Rights Reserved.


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